New Mini Vibrocorer from OSIL for Vessels of Opportunity & Off-Grid Sampling

Ocean Scientific International Limited (OSIL) has developed a new self-contained sediment coring system for sampling dense or compacted sediments in off-grid areas or from vessels of opportunity with restricted handling movie review capabilities.

The 2m vibrocorer is a fully self-contained system, with sufficient battery capacity to power the system for 4 hours of continuous use and has been designed for ease of deployment from small vessels with a winch or davit system, as the overall deployment/recovery height is only 2.75m. The corer can also be operated from 24VDC 12A vessel supply if available.

The vibrocorer features a rotational barrel joint, anti-return valves and and variable speed control of the 5.72kN vibration force for easy recovery of samples.

Author: t4l15h

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